Study reveals UK investors not using shareholder rights

Recent research has uncovered that just one out of every four investors in Britain always exercise their personal shareholder rights to have their say on important issues. The study also showed that most UK investors are also entirely unaware that they can play a part in how investee companies are run.

According to the poll, less than 50 per cent of investors surveyed in Britain were aware that as company shareholder, they had voting rights. This effectively means that close to 60 per cent of the 1,001 investors interviewed did not know that they could vote on key issues, including corporate actions, the appointment of board members and policies for climate change.

Investment professionals have commented that despite UK investors being set on making investments that can be a force for good, many are still not making the most of their rights that typically come from being a shareholder. For example, casting their vote to introduce positive change in corporations. Many believe that if investors increased their level of engagement with the companies they invest in, it could drive positive change on issues like climate change and worker equality.

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