Study reveals shift in investor attitudes to risk

Recent research indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a change in attitude for UK investors reeling from market crashes and economic recession.

Close to half of the UK investors surveyed in a new study stated they have become increasingly risk-averse since the onset of the coronavirus crisis.

The research of 735 investors here in the UK who possess portfolios with a value of over £20,000, excluding pensions, savings, self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs), or primary property, uncovered that 44% had become more averse to risk when it comes to making financial choices since March last year.

Another 42% of respondent confirmed that they have temporarily paused moves to make major investments, in favour of waiting until the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

Additionally, the study revealed the effect of Brexit on UK investors’ decision-making. Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU) increased cautious attitudes among UK-based investors, with around 40% commenting that they felt more wary now of making any new investments.

The research discovered that 39% of UK investors are now shifting towards investments in more conventional asset classes like property. It also found the 56% of respondents preferred to leave funds in savings accounts, regardless of the present interest rates being at record low here in the UK.

UK consumers seeking sound investment advice around Chester, Manchester and other major cities can look to professional wealth managers for balanced portfolios that adequately balance risk and return.


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