Hartey Wealth Management

An award-winning portfolio management company

“To help retirees and successful business people understand the risks they are taking and to help them realign this with the risk they are willing to take and to protect their downside.”

Financial Planning

We understand that it is difficult to know where to start when it comes to financial planning, which is why we aspire to provide the very best.

Inheritance Tax

If you’re looking for highly experienced, expert and qualified estate planners and inheritance tax advisers, you’re in the right place.

Retirement Planning
Specialist retirement financial advisers can keep your finances on track to retire in comfort.
Give your money chance to grow in value. Expert investment guidance could help you to make better financial decisions.
Experienced financial advisers can ensure that you have adequate financial protection for you, your family and any dependants.
Portfolio Management

Today’s financial markets can move very quickly and the words or actions of a company, government or even an individual can impact on investment transactions.

Second Opinion Service
An original concept from Hartey Wealth Management, The Second Opinion service delivers expertly crafted advisory to aid you with the management of your financial affairs.


At Hartey Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on the life-long relationships that we build with our clients – many of which are happy to speak on our behalf.