Seeking a second opinion on investments?

The end of a year is typically a time for reflection and planning. As we look back on 2020 – a 12-month period like no other for so many of us – investment is one area that deserves our attention.

That review exercise should cover the areas where we have already allocated money and a glance out to the opportunities we can hope will open up over the upcoming period, as the “new normal” unfolds.

As a starting point, it would be reassuring to know that our money is still invested in the right place. The personal circumstances that applied a year ago may no longer be relevant, the financial situation might have changed, and our longer-term plans may also have taken on a new direction.

Any investment in a stock market-related fund should typically be for a minimum period of five years. However, we’ve seen how quickly the prospects can change when circumstances are exceptional – for example, the outlook for the companies behind COVID-19 vaccines, supermarkets and other online delivery specialists are among those that have seen demand accelerate.

When that happens, it’s worth taking a step back and considering whether this could be the time to make adjustments to an investment portfolio, protection or pension provision.

At Hartey Wealth Management, we offer a second opinion review service that casts an experienced eye over existing arrangements. So, if you’re simply seeking some reassurance, call us about our financial planning services in Chester and we’ll be happy to put your mind at rest.


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