Research reveals surge in fintech investment

Investments made in fintech firms here in the United Kingdom soared in 2021 as investors sought to capitalise on a new regulation for the sector, according to recent research undertaken by the UK industry body Innovate Finance.

According to figures, the total investment into UK fintech companies leapt by over 217 per cent to $11.6 billion last year, placing Britain second only to American fintechs globally, which enjoyed $46 billion worth of investment.

The British fintech sector entirely outpaced the whole of Europe, dominating the continent regarding capital invested. In total, a sum of $24.3 billion was invested throughout Europe, with Britain attracting close to half of all investment.

In a statement, Minister for Investment Lord Grimstone commented:

“Thanks to our welcoming business environment and our world-class fintech ecosystem, we more than doubled 2020’s fintech inward investment figures, with more than 10% of deals worldwide landing on UK soil.”

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The spike in funding is set to provide a much-needed boost to the industry as ministers and regulators implement a wealth of brand-new measures that were recommended in the 2021 Kalifa Review and Lord Hill’s UK listings review designed to fortify Britain’s position as a new hub for the fintech sector beyond Brexit.


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