Research reveals charities are selling investments

A new research report has uncovered that 64 per cent of charity organisations that have at least £1 million in investable assets were forced to cash in or sell some of these investments amidst the pandemic due to decreased income.

Respondents for the recent study included 100 UK charity senior executives. Combined, the charities had investible of assets of £3 billion. From companies to individual consumers, those looking to buy and sell assets often take professional investment advice in Chester, London and other UK cities.

The research recently undertaken revealed that 42 per cent of the charities surveyed stated that they have been pushed to make these moves to meet an increased demand for their aid and services during the recent pandemic.

With their investible assets depended upon to create an income, 18 per cent of respondents said that the funds usually generated had dropped dramatically since the start of the pandemic started, while a further 52 per cent said they had fallen slightly. Just one in ten surveyed said the income generated from investible assets had increased, and 20 per cent marked no change at all.

Furthermore, looking closer at asset value, 15 per cent of respondents stated that since the COVID-19 pandemic started the value of their investments had risen dramatically, while a further 59 per cent said they had risen slightly in line with stock markets across the world rising.

Just 15 per cent of charity executives stated that their investible assets had decreased in value, while the remainder of those surveyed recorded no noticeable change.


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