Report reveals UK attitudes to ESG investing

A new study has revealed that approximately 66 per cent of investors based in the United Kingdom are not currently concerned as to whether the assets they hold are sustainable. The research found that despite an increasing growth rate for sustainable investing, it does not represent a priority for many British investors.

Out of those surveyed, approximately 67 per cent of respondents believed that ethical assets were a sound option for investment, while 71 per cent felt that enterprises with solid sustainable strategies can provide good investment returns. Despite these positive percentages, only 19 per cent of investors surveyed held a portfolio that included ethical stocks.

UK savers looking for ethical investment advice in Shropshire, Cheshire and other counties often look to wealth managers for guidance. Able to construct investment portfolios from assets that reflect their clients’ attitude towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues while balancing risk and return, these holistic financial advisors can provide a valuable service.

The overall assessment of the survey concluded that regardless of ESG investing being in focus at asset management firms, it is not typically an option prioritised by retail investors. The research showed that considering social and environmental factors in investments usually came down to the individual investor’s social conscience instead of any sense of financial judgement.

The survey also uncovered that younger investors were more likely to incorporate ESG investments for their portfolios and that, in total, only 44 per cent of investors consider ESG factors regularly when selecting an asset.


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