Why Advice Matters

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The poor understanding of financial advice is particularly worrying at a time when people are faced with more complex decisions about retirement than ever before. Taking professional financial advice is vital to ensure you are equipped to make the most of your hard-earned savings and receive the income you need in retirement. Here, we explain [...]

A Diversified portfolio

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Diversification allows an investor to spread risk between different kinds of investments (called ‘asset classes’) to potentially improve investment returns. This helps reduce the risk of the overall investments (referred to as a ‘portfolio’) underperforming or losing money. With some careful investment planning and an understanding of how various asset classes work together, a properly [...]

Reviewing your investment needs

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Determining your reasons for investing now will help you work out your investment goals and influence how you manage your investments in future. Decide on how long you can invest If you’re investing with a goal in mind, you’ve probably got a date in mindtoo. If you’ve got a few goals, some may be further [...]

Early action avoids Inheritance Tax (IHT) after pension transfer

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  A recent court ruling means the taxman has precedence to apply an IHT charge to a pension transfer made due to illness, so it is vital to act as early as possible.   THE CASE Tracy, 61, divorced Peter, 63, in January 2014. In 2016 she found out she had an incurable disease and [...]

Generation Still Taxed

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Numbers nearly double in the last two decades With so much choice on offer, and with frequent rule changes and distinct tax benefits to consider, finding the right vehicle for your retirement planning is essential. Add to this the number of taxpaying pensioners nearly doubling over the last two decades, and with talk of also requiring pensioners [...]

Money’s too tight to mention

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First comes marriage, then for some couples comes divorce. But a stable marriage is one of the best paths to building and maintaining wealth. Divorce, on the other hand, is expensive. Possessions, money, financial assets and debt acquired during (and sometimes before) marriage are divided between former spouses. Putting a price tag on a divorce [...]

Cheers to being a ‘Million-Heir’

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With estate planning, you can decide what happens to your money and possessions (even your pets) should something happen to you. But, Estate Planning is useful in other ways too - it can help you minimise any Inheritance Tax liability and ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of your death if you [...]

Are you making the most of your pension?

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By the time we have been working for a decade or two, it is not uncommon to have accumulated multiple pension plans. There's no wrong time to start thinking about pensions consolidation, but you might find yourself thinking about it if you're starting a new job or you're nearing retirement. Consolidating your pensions means bringing [...]

Is inflation back?

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After two years when consumer prices in the UK barely rose, the annual rate of inflation has risen above the Bank Of England's (BOE) target of 2% in 2017. The combination of high inflation and limited wage growth - as well as uncertainty about the terms on which Britain will leave the European Union in [...]

All change for the new tax year!

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It's important to consider the tax implications of making financial decisions. The 2018/19 tax year is now upon us and a raft of new changes have come into force. The good news is that there is little change in the overall tax burden for basic-rate taxpayers. However, there are a number of areas that have [...]