New study reveals how many investors seek green technology

Recently revealed research has uncovered that approximately 43% of investors in the United Kingdom want green technology and programmes. The study examined the attitude of UK investors and found that Britons are now embracing sustainable initiatives.

UK consumers seeking ethical investment advice in Shropshire, Cheshire and other counties often look to wealth management companies for expert guidance. Wealth managers can create portfolios for their clients that only include green investments and sustainable assets. While in the past, ethical assets were not known for their return in the modern investment market, this is no longer the case. A growing interest in responsible investing is a contributing factor to how well such assets are now likely to perform.

The report on UK investor attitudes follows a recent announcement from the UK government that it plans to accelerate its current energy strategy for an increasingly sustainable future.

American website reports that over $4m (£3.1m) in support packages is on the horizon for UK green technology, while the newly unveiled first-of-its-kind research shows that close to half of UK investors plan to invest in sustainable and green companies over the next year.

Despite the warning from experts regarding climate endangerment, at present, close to 50% of the Britain’s electricity is still generated by fossil fuels burned in gas-fired plants. However, this scenario is expected to change soon as the UK plans to lower its current dependency on external energy companies by producing more clean power at home.


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