London takes the top spot for foreign finance investment

New figures show that last year, the UK capital attracted more foreign investors to fund finance firms than any other city around the world.

Despite Britain’s exit from the EU, London’s Square Mile proved a desirable investment location. According to the recent report, statistics show that in 2021, the city attracted a total of 600 million pounds’ worth of investment into 114 professional financial services. This puts it ahead of key cities with thriving finance sectors, including Dubai, Paris, Singapore and New York.

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Last year, the United Kingdom attracted 186 projects in the financial and professional services sector valued at a total 1.1 billion pounds. This positioned it in second place to the US. The recent report did not go into specific detail regarding the value of the investments that were secured by other nations, but the report is a clear reminder of the enduring role of finance as one of Britain’s most important exports.

The report also noted that the number of professional and financial services projects that were attracted to Britain saw an increase of eight per cent in 2021. However, on a global scale, the sector is still seeking to return to the previous levels of investment recorded before the pandemic, which caused a drop of around 30 per cent.


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