Is it time for finance to blend tech with tradition?

There’s something comforting about a face-to-face meeting, especially when it concerns your finances. It’s been tough during these times of lockdown and restricted movements for both financial advisors and their clients, but what the pandemic has shown is that there are alternatives, and that we are unlikely to return completely to how it was before.

The trend towards virtual meetings was already taking hold when COVID-19 struck. What has happened since has only accelerated the move.

For many people – even the technophobes among us – 2020 has been an online lesson. The terms Zoom, Teams and WhatsApp have entered our daily language and they sit elbow to elbow with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like.

As the year has progressed, many advisors on wealth management in Shropshire, not to mention their clients, have discovered the time saving benefits of virtual communications. Others, understandably, prefer the notion of a live meeting fuelled by coffee and personal interaction, poring over papers and discussing the benefits of a particular product.

In reality, it seems that a mix of social media together with online news and meeting tools, telephone chats and in-person consultations is the way forward. Most good advisors will offer a combination of these, tailored to suit the needs of their clients.

For those who are still not entirely sold on the idea, there’s potentially a big positive in the growth of online tools – the fact that the companies supplying them might see their profits grow, so they could offer attractive investment returns.

To learn how we’re embracing the modern and the traditional, speak to us at Hartey Wealth Management today.


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