Is it time for an annual review?

Working from home will mean that many people have had annual performance reviews online. Virtual versions of bosses will appear on screen to assess how things have gone over the past 12 months, and whether objectives agreed a year ago have been achieved.

With the end of the tax year now less than two months away, it may also be a good time to review financial affairs, but what seemed like a reasonable financial goal at this time last year will probably have been hit by of the impact of COVID-19. Jobs were lost, people were furloughed, and health issues had an impact on many short and long-term financial plans.

Many will have benefited as stock market investments bounced back from the initial shock of the pandemic, while others may have been forced to dip into savings to see them through periods of reduced income. It’s also possible that plans for retirement may have been placed on hold for some, and brought forward for others. The point is that very little will have gone to plan.

Now, with cautious signs of optimism starting to appear, this is a good time to take another look at those plans. Some of the more fortunate people will have accumulated cash that is now looking for a home. Others may be wondering if they can still afford to retire.

If you have doubts about where the pandemic has left your finances, please contact us for independent financial advice in the Chester and Shropshire area.


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