Investors inject record funds into build-to-rent properties

Recent research has revealed that property funds, banks and other investors last year stumped up a record amount of money investing in the British rental property market, creating a boom. This 2021 trend now seems set to continue this year due to the lack of available homes in the United Kingdom.

Figures show that last year, investors put more than £4.1 billion into the UK’s “build-to-rent” sector, which is rapidly growing. Over half of this investment occurred in 2021’s fourth financial quarter. As a result, investment was around £500 million greater than recorded figures from 2020. Now, in 2022, there are already deals worth almost £2 billion in the works, and a further £2.5 billion currently being marketed.

Those interested in property-related assets often seek investment advice in Chester, Birmingham and other major UK cities from experienced wealth managers. Wealth management firms can offer guidance on potential assets and create resilient investment portfolios that skilfully balance return and risk.

Build-to-rent development projects typically involve built-for-purpose blocks of apartments operated by corporate landlords who are specialists in their sector. Long established in both continental Europe and across the Atlantic in the US, over the last 10 years, the investment model has gained traction in the British market – despite the fact that, historically, it has been dominated by multiple small-scale buy-to-let landlords.

The United Kingdom’s burgeoning build-to-rent market has now attracted interest from major investors in the United States, including property experts Greystar and Goldman Sachs, along with Legal & General, John Lewis and Lloyds here in Britain.


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