International sustainable investment reaches new heights

Recent statistics have uncovered that, as investors around the world seek out greater levels of environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration within their portfolios, sustainable global investment is increasingly gaining ground.

The new figures show that managed assets within global financial markets that represent sustainable investments currently amount to around 36 per cent of total assets now under management.

Recently published by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA), the Global Sustainable Investment Review was developed to map out the status of responsible and sustainable investment within major international financial markets, and it combines data that incorporates regional markets in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australasia, the United States and Europe.

The 2021 report also includes market insights from here in the United Kingdom, where we are now witnessing new funds launched to address both biodiversity-related opportunities and risks specifically. The report suggests that the desire for responsible and sustainable investment funds and products in the UK is now rising, with the industry taking steps to ensure this demand is met.

Consumers seeking sustainable investment advice around Shropshire, Cheshire and other UK counties can count on wealth managers for support. Portfolio experts at wealth management firms help their clients to locate and access responsible investments that are aligned with their personal ethics.

Figures made public for April this year by the Investment Association showed that responsible investment funds had charted net retail inflows of around £1.6 billion, with funds under management for responsible investment reaching £72 billion.


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