Increase in ISA investors purchasing UK tech stocks

A screen showing fluctuations of stocks

Recent reports show that many retail investors are now buying UK technology stocks, with the aim of filling remaining Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowances.

The investors are attempting to take advantage of seemingly overlooked domestic investments while cashing in on the current boom in artificial intelligence (AI).

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Finance analysts have weighed in on the new trend of eyeing UK tech shares. They’ve commented that the demand for UK-based dividend stocks has peaked recently, as investors try to protect their investment portfolios against the current high inflation levels. The dip in bond yields and savings rates has also made dividend stocks appear increasingly attractive to investors.

Investors now have up until April 5 this year to fill up their ISA allowance of £20,000. A recent poll uncovered that half of those surveyed had yet to make full use of the tax-free allowance. A total of 25 per cent stated they still had not used any of the allowance.

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, has suggested the idea of providing an additional £5,000 allowance when investments are made in UK-based companies, to help strengthen the country’s economy.

Many feel that the recent surge in retail investor buying activities is being driven by the idea that British stocks are currently undervalued and will soon rebound.

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