How your financial affairs can benefit from a second opinion

Many people planning for the future will enlist the professional services of an investment manager to help them achieve their long-term goals. While this may involve guidance on making shrewd investments to bolster their financial situation in later years, it will also consider planning for retirement and inheritance tax, along with arranging a measure of protection.

Over time, circumstances and individual needs can change, as can the economic climate, and it can be a wise move to revisit investments for the future and ensure they will still deliver the result required when reaching retirement. In the following sections, we’ll look at four key areas that having a pair of professional eyes look at can benefit people managing their financial affairs.

Investments for the future

A second opinion on your current investments can be useful, especially considering recent fluctuations in the market. Fresh advice that ensures that your investment portfolio is robust and diverse enough to withstand the economic ups and downs of market turbulence and still deliver the results you require to top up your future income can be exceptionally beneficial.

Planning for your retirement

With people across the UK living longer lives, ensuring you have adequate funds to enjoy a healthy and happy retirement has never been more important. This makes it worth having an expert eye cast over you plans, calculating whether your current strategies will ensure you have everything you need in the future. A second opinion on the solutions you have set in motion, outside of the state provision, can make certain that the income you receive in the future will allow you to live well and free from worries in what is likely to be a longer retirement.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning

While there is no escaping paying inheritance tax, a professional financial advisor can perform in-depth calculations on your personal IHT bill, ascertaining your potential liability and making sure that more of your money reaches those you wish to leave it to.


Making certain that you have appropriate cover in place before reaching retirement age is also crucial. A second opinion on the insurance products you have chosen and put in place to cover costs such as mortgage repayments if you die, suffer from a critical illness or become unable to work because of ill-health can be important, making sure your loved ones are cared for.

An expert eye looking over your future

As impartial and independent advisors, at Hartey Wealth Management, we have developed a unique option for clients called the “Second Opinion Service” to assist with the management of their financial affairs.

The Second Opinion Service enables us to take a fresh and unhindered look at our client’s assets, offering them the chance to gain an in-depth and expert analysis of the mechanisms and inner workings of how their financial affairs are managed at present.

If you need assistance with financial planning in Shropshire, contact our dedicated team today to access your second opinion on investments.


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