How wealth managers help with estate planning

Estate planning allows people to put a clear plan together that details their specific wishes regarding how they would like their estate to be handled upon their death. This ensures that the individual looking after the estate can make sure that all requests are carried out to the letter.

Putting plans in place

Effective estate planning services from wealth managers can help further, ensuring that your loved ones are provided for after you have gone and that your final tax bill is significantly reduced. The value of an estate is comprised of many different elements, from properties and cars to investments and savings, and this can make tax bills complex.

Wealth management teams can carry out detailed calculations that uncover a person’s potential liability. From there, they can offer financial strategies that can mitigate the eventual tax bill faced by your beneficiaries.

Specialist strategies to preserve wealth

While ensuring that their client remains financially secure in their lifetime, wealth managers implement inheritance tax (IHT) mitigation methods, such as investments and trusts. They also make certain that wealth is passed on to beneficiaries in ways that are both cost and tax efficient.

Experts in estate planning

If you need help with estate or retirement planning in Shropshire or Chester, our expert team at Hartey Wealth Management can help. If you have concerns regarding your estate and it being passed on in line with your intentions, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.


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