How tailored financial protection can help

As a healthy individual making a comfortable income, you may have a measure of confidence that you can cope with any issues you encounter. Unfortunately, our finances can sometimes be more vulnerable than we’d like to admit. If you’re the sole earner for your family and something beyond your control occurs due to an unstable economic situation or health issue, you may find that the financial security of both yourself and your family are put at risk.

Financial protection advice is available, however, which can effectively safeguard your financial safety against the unexpected twists and turns that life can sometimes deal out. Expert advisors understand that everyone’s financial situations are entirely unique, and they can tailor bespoke protection for your finances, cementing the long-term plan to protect your interests.

This personalised financial protection advice offers you and your family a financial shield, and it usually involves elements like life insurance and private medical cover, along with income, business and family protection.

Looking after your loved ones in the future

Nobody wants to consider what happens when they’re no longer alive, but when you have dependents, this is essential to ensure they are provided for after you go. Financial advisors can ensure your loved ones are looked after, advising you on the best policy for your needs, be it whole life insurance or term life insurance.

They can also offer an expert opinion on inheritance tax, making sure after you are gone, life is as simple as possible for those you leave behind. Inheritance tax bills paid by beneficiaries can be complicated, but financial advisors can assess your potential liability and show you the best steps to take to reduce your final bill and ensure more of your estate passes to your loved ones.

Protecting you and your family

If you suffer a critical illness and can no longer work, you’ll want to make sure you can cope with the costs of healthcare and that you have secure funds to look after you and your family. Having private health insurance and critical illness cover can help when the need arises, and financial advisors can show you the best health protection that will cope with your requirements.

Whether it’s a short or long-term illness, advisors can also help you select income protection that bolsters any sick pay issued or savings you’ve stashed away. Income protection will ensure that you have the funds you need to keep your life operating while you recuperate, with all essential bills covered.

Specialist financial advice for protection

If you are currently seeking to take steps to ensure you and your family are fully covered for the future by talking to a financial advisor in Cheshire, you can count on Hartey Wealth Management. Our expert advisors will design a protective financial strategy to suit your needs and ensure that should the unexpected arise, you and your family’s needs will be well taken care of. Contact our dedicated team of professional today for assistance and advice.


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