How do pre-retirement and post-retirement planning differ?

If you’ve been working hard to achieve stability and prosperity for you and your family, you’ll understandably want to maintain this quality of life when you retire. Effective retirement planning is key to ensuring you’ll be protected and able to enjoy your time to the full when you stop working. Read on as we look at two key stages of retirement planning to factor into your plans:

Pre-retirement planning

This initial step is all about advance planning to ensure you have adequate funds in retirement. The pre-retirement stage focuses on growth and building up appropriate assets before you reach retirement age, by developing a varied portfolio that will remain resilient and cope with market fluctuations.

Post-retirement planning

This second step involves managing your assets and options during retirement and making them work for you. The post-retirement planning stage involves the assessment of your options and arranging your assets, so that you enjoy sufficient capital and the income security you need after you retire.

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