Green investment impacted by UK PM’s policies

Green energy levy

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has recently faced criticism from his own expert on net zero, who has stated that the UK risks failing to meet its green investment targets because of inconsistent policies and a lack of commitment.

In his dedicated net zero review, MP Chris Skidmore commented that a large barrier towards renewable energy investment was the lack of confidence in the British government, which currently has displayed inconsistent policy support for the green energy sector, citing measures like the PM’s new electricity tax.

The Conservative Member of Parliament for Kingswood, Skidmore was tasked by former PM Liz Truss to conduct a review regarding the policy to attain net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. The MP was asked to discover what was working under the policy of not putting further carbon emissions into the atmosphere than Britain absorbs, and to present the business case for the long-term goal.

Skidmore’s report assessed that to make reaching net zero affordable, the UK must be able to deliver net-zero policies faster. In his opinion, this would require an approach this consistent and certain. He stated that the risk needed to be removed from green investment to beat the cost of net zero, creating an incentive for consumers and companies to invest in renewables.

UK consumers with an interest in pushing funds into sustainable assets, often take green investment advice in Shropshire, Cheshire, and other counties. Traditionally, ethical investing has not been considered profitable, but it has become increasingly popular due to environmental awareness, increasing the asset classes available and improving the potential returns.

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