Four ways to invest for the future

Financial Planning

Specialists investment guidance is available to help everyone, from individuals to enterprises, to ensure their nest egg has an opportunity to hatch and grow through making the right financial choices.

There are many different kinds of investments to choose from that may help you make the most of your money over time, and an expert adviser can guide you to an informed selection. In the following passages, we’ll explore some of the possibilities open to you when building an investment portfolio. From investments that carry a higher risk and greater potential rewards, to more cautious options with less chance of losing your funds, read on for details of how experienced investment advisers can help.

1. Alternative funds

You’ll find an extensive selection of alternative fund options available to you as an investor, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, infrastructure and managed funds, along with both absolute return and derivatives contracts where two or more parties may be involved. Alternative funds can offer a useful option when you want to add diversity to your financial portfolio. However, in this class of assets, profiles for both return and risk can vary considerably, making the services of an investment specialist a powerful ally.

2. Commodity funds

On account of their volatile nature, commodity funds are regarded by many as an investment with higher risks attached. Usually, the funds will track the basic price of various natural resources and assorted commodities. With access enabled to commodity funds usually acquired indirectly through exchange traded products or managed funds, strong support from a financial adviser with experience of investing may be critical if you seek to make an investment in commodities.

3. Cash investments

At the other end of the spectrum, cash investments usually offer a low-risk investment option, with a far smaller risk of losing all of your money. Help from a professional investment adviser can be beneficial, allowing you to make strategic money market and cash fund investments, cut down the risks involved, and construct what may be a more balanced and prudent investment portfolio.

4. Commercial property funds

Finally, property funds invest in a dedicated portfolio of properties, providing many of the advantages other kinds of collective investments can offer. An expert investment adviser can offer you guidance on whether an indirect property fund investment is best for you financially, or if a direct property fund investment may be a better-suited solution. Professional financial advice can also point you towards an investment delivers a sound income source, while enhancing your portfolio with another layer for diversification.

Expert financial advice in your corner

If you’re currently seeking sound investment advice in Shropshire or Chester, you can count on Hartey Wealth Management for expert assistance. You might already have an investment portfolio in place and be seeking a second opinion, or putting one together for the first time to secure your future. Either way, you’ll be in safe hands with our specialist team. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today for advice and insights into your investments.


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