Four ways to avoid investment scams

Four ways to avoid investment scams

When you have worked hard to accumulate and grow your wealth, you can potentially become a target for criminal operators who are keen to part you from it. However, while you must ensure you are protected, you may be concerned that you could miss out on an interesting opportunity to expand on your current holdings. Read on as we look at some sage advice on sidestepping investment scams.

1. Received an unexpected offer? Reject it

Investment opportunities that arrive out of the blue are often scams. Today, fraudsters cold call, email and text potential victims with scam investments, so never interact with these attempts. Delete texts and emails and hang up on calls.

2. Is the firm genuine? Check first

Scammers pretend to be authentic enterprises. This tactic is known as firm cloning. Check the business’s contact details against records held by Companies House to ensure they are genuine.

3. Concerned about risks? Consult the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Warning List

You can also check if a firm is operating with the authorisation of the FCA by looking them up on the Warning List.

4. Unsure if an investment scheme is legitimate? Ask an expert

Finally, consumers keen to sidestep scams with expert financial advice in Chester and Shropshire will find our team can provide excellent support. Well informed on the latest schemes in circulation and able to offer an unbiased eye on potential investments, at Hartey Wealth Management, we are well positioned to assist.

Before committing to any investment opportunity, consult our specialist team by getting in touch today.


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