Don’t go with your gut without consulting

There are times when you’re ready to bite the bullet and sell an investment. There can be various reasons for choosing that course of action.

It might be that you need the money for some other purpose. It could also be the case that you’re doubtful that a run of positive performance can continue. Equally, it might be that the investment has reached a target price that you had set, and your sell discipline means that it’s time to get rid of the holding. By contrast, it’s possible that the investment has taken a downturn and you simply want to cut your losses and get out.

All of those may be valid reasons for deciding to take money out of the market. The risk inherent in such a move can take several forms. Perhaps the growth is not stalling, but simply taking a pause for breath before resuming its upward trajectory. Maybe trading conditions have changed for the company since you invested in it so that target price is worth resetting. Then there’s the possibility that a downward slide is little more than a blip and there are good reasons to hold on to the investment.

Before taking the plunge, it’s worth seeking the views of someone else. They may have knowledge of a particular market or company that you aren’t aware of. That’s why we set up our Second Opinion Service. If you are needing reassurance, or advice on wealth management, and you’re in Shropshire or Chester, we would be delighted to help.


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