Hurting From Home

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IS THE ‘NEW NORMAL’ HAVING AN ADVERSE EFFECT ON YOUR HEALTH? More than half of office workers believe their employer should do more to help them work from home during the coronavirus […]

Family Finances


TRADITIONAL SPENDING AND SAVING HABITS HAVE BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN Household finances, including spending and saving patterns, have deteriorated drastically since the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, despite unprecedented Government support. Traditional […]

Freeing Up Extra Money

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HOME IS WHERE THE HEART AND TAX-FREE WEALTH IS! Preferring to remain in their own homes for as long as possible is, for many people, increasingly becoming an important part […]

Mind The Knowledge Gap


SOME PEOPLE STILL STRUGGLE TO MAKE INFORMED RETIREMENT DECISIONS The decisions made at retirement are big ones and have long-term consequences. Many spend years accumulating a large amount of money […]

Coronavirus pension scams


Fraudsters exploiting the coronavirus to prey on anxiety and fear of saver The three main regulatory bodies have joined forces to issue a statement urging investors to remain calm and […]

Reviewing your investment needs

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Determining your reasons for investing now will help you work out your investment goals and influence how you manage your investments in future. Decide on how long you can invest […]

Product Insight: Investment Bond


One helpful feature of the taxation of investment bonds is the ability for the client to take partial withdrawals each year of up to 5% of the amount invested, for […]