British investors seek to increase female fund managers

A recent announcement has revealed that the UK’s leading investors have united with a new plan designed to see the number of females managing funds double by 2026. The new initiative is designed to aid continued efforts within the financial sector to redress womankind’s under-representation in the industry.

Founded back in 2016, The Diversity Project is comprised of a number of leading players in the savings and investment industry. It is now launching its Future Female Fund Managers Programme to alter the current disparity between male and female fund managers.

According to industry statistics, at present, just one out of every 10 investment portfolio managers are women. The Diversity Project’s aim is to double this number with the assistance of Britain’s biggest investors. UK consumers seeking services offering portfolio management in Shropshire, Hampshire and other counties often consult wealth managers for expert advice on assets that match their risk tolerance.

In a statement, Helen Morrisey, The Diversity Project’s Chair, commented on the current position of women in the investments and savings industry:

“Workplace culture has changed considerably for the better over the three decades since I entered the sector as a graduate trainee, yet women still remain woefully under-represented in the field of fund management.”

Morrisey added that a targeted programme is now required to correct this issue or change will never happen.

By the year 2026, The Diversity Project aims to ensure 20 per cent of fund managers here in the UK are female as a first step on the road to equality.


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