British bonds rise since 2022 mini budget


New data has revealed that the value of British bonds has risen substantially, after reaching new lows after the “mini-Budget” fiasco of September last year. According to figures supplied by the digital exchange designed for private markets, ADDX, it increased by 14.5% (£450bn) from mid-October 2022 to mid-January 2023.

Since hitting rock bottom on October 12, the UK gilt value has increased by 12.9% up from £1.49tn over the past 16 weeks to £1.68tn. In the same period, British corporate bond value has risen by 16%, rising to £1.87tn from £1.61tn.

Commenting on the statistics, ADDX stated that the extreme crash in prices after the mini budget resulted in UK bonds becoming increasingly appealing to British income investors. Back in October last year, the yield for 10-year gilts spiked to nearly 4.5%, the highest level they had reached since October 2008, amidst the UK’s last financial crisis.

For those practicing income investing, UK bonds have now made a meaningful comeback in recent months. Both corporate and sovereign bond yields are both receiving increased interest for the first time in close to ten years. Experts have commented that this is part of a wider trend for investors to look at fixed income investments more closely once more.

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