BP plans major UK investment in EV charging

British oil and gas giant BP has unveiled its plans to invest £1 billion in electric vehicle (EV) charging in the United Kingdom in a bid to advance the deployment of convenient and fast charging facilities across the country.

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Pulse, BP’s dedicated EV charging business, plans to make the substantial investment over a 10-year period to assist Britain’s rapidly growing demand for charging stations and to support the UK’s transition from fossil fuel reliance to a low carbon alternative for both fleet vehicles and individual consumers. The company has added that it anticipates that the new initiative will allow it to potentially provide hundreds of new employment opportunities here in Britain.

The £1 billion investment will enable BP Pulse to roll out more ultra-fast and rapid chargers in vital locations, expand its services and products for fleets, and launch all-new home charging digital services and products to improve customer experiences.

As a result of the move from BP, the present number of public use charging points in its nationwide network will be tripled. The charging speeds available will allow EV drivers to gain 100 miles worth of range in about just 10 minutes, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.


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