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Time for change?

By | 11.2016|Investment|


With New Year fast approaching, now is a good time to take a look at your investment portfolio and maybe even consider making some changes.

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Our 2016 investment presentations come to a close…

By | 11.2016|Brexit, Investment Seminars|


Last week our ‘Brexit – What’s Next For Your Investments?’ tour came to a close. Here we share some snippets from the events and some of the fantastic feedback we had from our guests...

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Passive vs active investment management

By | 10.2016|Investment|


Deciding if you would prefer your investment ‘actively’ or ‘passively’ managed is an important consideration and a useful step towards narrowing your choice of funds to invest in.

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The Foundations Stones Of Good Investing – Part Two

By | 10.2016|Investment|


Following last's weeks blog post, we'll be sharing our final five foundation stones to complete the solid base to any investment programme, ultimately helping you to grow your money to enable you to reach your final goal.

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The Foundation Stones of Good Investing – Part One

By | 10.2016|Investment|

Investing is how you make your money grow or appreciate for long term financial goals. It is a way of saving your money for something further ahead in the future. Investing money well requires a logical and robust framework on which to build a lifelong investment programme. Here we take a look at the first five [...]

Assessing your risk appetite

By | 09.2016|Investment|


When looking into investing it is crucial to know your tolerance to risk. That way you can ensure your investments are put into the risk portfolio right for you. Here we discuss the steps you should consider when deciding your risk appetite.

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Setting Up A Trust

By | 09.2016|Inheritance Tax, Wills & Trusts|


The structures into which you can transfer your assets can have lasting consequences for you and your family, and it is crucial that you choose the right ones. The right structures can protect assets and give your family lasting benefits. A trust can be used to reduce how much Inheritance Tax (IHT) your estate will have to pay on your death.

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Protecting your assets to give your family lasting benefits

By | 09.2016|Inheritance Tax|

Contrary to the belief of some, Inheritance Tax not only affects the very rich, but other people may be liable without realising. Few taxes are quite as emotive – or as politicised – as Inheritance Tax. The structures into which you transfer your assets can have lasting consequences for you and your family. With the [...]

Are you fit for retirement?

By | 09.2016|Retirement Planning|

Funding a comfortable retirement will be the biggest financial priority for many people, yet some people spend more time planning their holiday than their own retirement – perhaps because planning for retirement seems too complicated to think about? We know that we want an active, comfortable retirement but often don’t know where to start the [...]

Taking a long term view

By | 09.2016|Investment|


Stock markets can be unpredictable. They move frequently – and sometimes sharply – in both directions. It is important to take a long-term view (typically ten years or more) and remember your reasons for investing in the first place.

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