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The recipe to successful investing

By | 02.2017|Investment|

The key to successful investing is to maintain a good balance between risk and return. To maintain this balance, an investor should never put all their eggs in one basket. Instead, they should share their eggs out into a number of different baskets, which is referred to as ‘asset allocation’. These ‘baskets’ will be made [...]

A Focus on: Our Research

By | 02.2017|Team|


Research is a huge focus of ours so we thought it would be beneficial for you to see what we incorporate into our research in order for your investments to work the hardest they possibly can.

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Book review: Boomerang!

By | 01.2017|Book review|


I spend a lot of time researching and read at least a book a week on average. One book that really fired my imagination is ‘Boomerang’ by Michael Lewis.

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Have you heard…

By | 01.2017|Investment Seminars|


If you have existing investments or are considering new ones, we're hosting a series of investment presentation that could offer you the information you need to gauge whether yours are doing as well as they could be.

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The advantages of saving into a pension…

By | 01.2017|Pensions, Retirement Planning|


Once you’ve decided to start saving for retirement, you need to choose how to do so. Pensions have many important advantages that will make your savings grow more rapidly than might otherwise be the case.

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What’s your retirement plan?

By | 12.2016|Retirement Planning|


Are you thinking about retiring but aren’t sure where to begin with your plans? This checklist offers some tips on what things you should consider before taking the plunge to retirement.

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Tell me more…

By | 12.2016|Financial advice, Investment, Pensions|


When seeking the advice of a financial adviser it’s not uncommon to want to buff up on your knowledge of the main products that are used in order for you to feel more in control of making your decision.

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What’s your number?

By | 12.2016|Retirement Planning|


Many business owners and senior executives spend a lifetime working hard in their business but rarely to take a step back to ask themselves why? What is it all for?

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Why a financial adviser could be for you…

By | 12.2016|Financial advice|


Although a number of people start off as DIY investors, ordinarily they soon realise that the help of a good financial adviser is the best way forward; they can help you realise your goals by offering impartial and expert advice on your financial affairs. Here, we offer the top reasons for seeking the help of a professional.

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Brexit VS Trump

By | 11.2016|Brexit, Trump|


Following the election of Trump, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the conversations that take place with our global network of fund management teams and the view from around the world.

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