Australian investors poised for further UK green investing

According to executives in the banking sector of Australia, companies down under are readying to shell out with an investment splurge into Britain to capitalise on the recent boom in infrastructure and renewable energy projects.

The National Australia Bank’s UK chief, John McClusky, commented recently that Britain was ready for investment from funds based in Australia seeking to fuel a move towards net zero:

“The UK remains very appealing for investment across infrastructure, renewables and property at the moment, and there are plenty of opportunities for Aussie investors in private markets to deploy capital. The stable regulatory environment coupled with the UK’s progressive approach to energy transition also makes this market particularly attractive.”

The chief executive added that he expected that Australian funds’ appetite for UK investing was only likely to increase. He commented that Australia is perceived to be lagging other nations in terms of renewable energy and climate action. As a result, investors are now seeking to tap into environmental, social and governance (ESG) assets that are more readily available outside of Australia, like those offered currently in Britain.

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The banking chief’s comments follow nine Australian companies acting as a group committing to a £28.5 billion injection for the UK economy.


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