Asian renewable energy trust to receive UK investment

An announcement was recently made that the UK government will now invest in an Asian renewable energy investment trust.

The government will invest up to £25 million worth of public money to support the launch of a dedicated investment trust with a focus on Asia-based renewable energy projects, which is currently seeking investors to back environmentally friendly projects across the continent.

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The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) recently stated its intention to invest the multi-million sum as part of its continuing efforts to urge asset managers to back environmentally focused investments being established in developing countries.

The announcement, which was revealed by the government at COP26 in Glasgow, followed Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak explaining his vision for the UK to be a hub of green finance.

According to statistics released by the International Energy Agency, at present, developing economies and emerging markets hold approximately 67 percent of the world’s population total, yet it only attracts around 16 percent of global investment in clean energy.

In recent months, however, investment trusts for renewable infrastructure have experienced a spike in popularity, with many investors drawn to these opportunities by their green credentials and steady stream of income.


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