Why do investment portfolios need periodic reviews?

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Investment portfolios can serve multiple purposes for those who hold them. They can generate income, offering an enhanced standard of living, help build nest eggs for retirement and allow investors to grow their wealth to pass on to the next generation in their family.

When an investment portfolio is established, it is typically designed to serve a specific purpose or to achieve an investor’s long-term goal. To ensure the assets in the portfolio are on track to reach this financial objective, a regular assessment is necessary. In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why portfolio reviews are critical.

World events

From the global pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis to rocketing house values and rising energy prices, recent years have seen world events have a substantial impact on people’s finances. Fortunately, from portfolio diversity to inheritance tax strategies, wealth managers can help investors weather such storms.

Personal circumstances

As time passes, our personal and financial situation is subject to change. Changes in employment and health can have an impact, as can starting a family or starting a business. To make sure an investment portfolio is aligned with new needs and ambitions, a review is a smart move.

Do you need unbiased advice and portfolio management in Shropshire?

If you’re keen to ensure your financial plans are still up to scratch, at Hartey Wealth Management, we can help. Our trademarked Second Opinion Service is designed to provide you with an impartial review of your investments to ensure they can meet your aims. Get in touch today for an expert review.

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