What does a portfolio management service offer investors?

Man with portfolio

Portfolio management services are provided by certified financial experts, such as wealth managers. Investment portfolios are a collection of different assets which may include things like stocks, cash and fixed-income products, as well as other kinds of securities available to investors. Such assets are selected to achieve predetermined investment goals and to ensure they remain on course are actively tended to by the wealth manager.

Portfolio diversification

Wealth managers carefully choose a range of different assets to create a balanced portfolio. By keeping a good level of diversity in a portfolio, the risk of loss can be effectively reduced. Put simply, some assets drop in value, other securities in the portfolio may stay stable or even increase to protect the investor from loss.

Actively managing portfolios

Over time, financial markets can fluctuate considerably, as can an investor’s financial circumstances. Wealth managers actively monitor portfolios, continually assessing whether they are still meeting their original investment objectives. When necessary, the portfolio manager will adjust the selection of assets to account for changes.

Are you looking for specialists in portfolio management in Shropshire or Chester?

If you require information on the advantages of our portfolio management service, our team at Hartey Wealth Management are ready to help. A family-focused firm with more than 25 years’ experience, we can be counted on for an unbiased opinion. We also offer a second-opinion service if you would simply like a health check of your current portfolio to ensure it still matches your investment aims.

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