Useful points to remember when planning retirement


It’s understood that the concept of an “ideal retirement” is as individual as those who will live it. While tailored assistance has no equal when it comes to retirement planning, there are still some general tips which often apply to everyone.

As a result, retirement planning specialists in Chester, Manchester and other major cities help UK workers to assess their specific needs and desires to prepare for the perfect retirement. Read on to learn more.


Saving as early as possible for retirement is a wise move. While it’s never too early or late to start building a nest egg, beginning 40 years before retirement is considered ideal.


When affordable, savers should aim to put away around 12.5% of their salary into their pension savings each month. In terms of final pension pot size, savers should try and build a pot that is, at minimum, 10 times more than their annual salary.


Understanding the basics of investment can help workers take greater control of their later life planning. Money is invested to allow it grow over an extended period, however, a pension’s value can fluctuate, which impacts returns. While staying informed is advised, enlisting the aid of a wealth manager is always a sensible move before making substantial investments which may impact quality of life in retirement.

At Hartey Wealth Management, we provide a bespoke retirement planning service alongside holistic financial advice to ensure your assets are all pulling in the same direction. Reach out to us today to discuss your plans today.

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