Three ways financial planning can help people prepare


When it comes to making financial plans, many UK savers assume wealth managers can no longer assist them once they’ve retired. However, here we look at three areas where expert advice can be of benefit to you later in life.

Suitable investment strategies

After you retire, you’ll no longer have an annual salary, but wealth managers can help you create and even increase your income with appropriate investment plans. Using tax efficient methods, wealth mangers can refocus your investments from capital growth to capital preservation.

Mitigating Inheritance Tax

Wealth managers can also help clients strike a balance between mitigating the size of the Inheritance Tax (IHT) paid on their estate and ensuring they always have sufficient funds to enjoy financial security in later life. There are many different approaches to implementing IHT strategies, including using trusts and investments that share the same aim.

Estate Planning

As well as retirement planning, estate planning is another area where wealth managers can assist. As holistic financial advisors, they can coordinate and collaborate with lawyers and accountants, helping you to arrange your affairs so that your estate will pass on to the beneficiaries you select, using the most cost-effective and tax-efficient approach suitable.

Here at Hartey Wealth Management, we offer comprehensive support with retirement planning in Shropshire and Chester. You may have questions about calculating inheritance tax or wish to explore investment opportunities that can bolster your income in retirement, but either way, we are here to help. Contact our attentive team to discuss your concerns and make plans today.

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