Study reveals top UK sites for retirement


A recent research project conducted by consumer comparison expert Which? has identified 12 locations in the UK that offer the best options for retirement.

The consumer watchdog surveyed more than 1,000 individuals approaching retirement age and discovered that approximately 36 per cent had considered relocating as part of their plans for later life. A spokesperson for Which? stated that where people select to retire can by equally as important as the time they choose to stop working.

The top 12 places to retire in the UK uncovered by Which? included southern settlements like Broxbourne, Elmsford, Merton, and Exeter, but also places like the city of Wrexham in North Wales and the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

The recent study found that there were multiple factors that influenced where its members sought to retire. A total of 88 per cent prioritised access to healthcare, with proximity to green space ranked second at 75 per cent. The third most important factor for those nearing retirement age when selecting a new location was being close to leisure activity options, ranking at 31 per cent.

UK savers seeking to prepare for later life often consult retirement planning specialists in Chester, Wrexham, and other cities across the country. Offering holistic financial advice, wealth managers assist their clients with a wide range of services that include arranging protective policies, investment portfolio management and retirement planning. With an understanding of a person’s retirement goals, wealth managers can help them plot a financial course, giving their clients peace of mind.

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