Over 100 international investors to attend NI summit


Government reports show that more than 100 investors from around the world have now been confirmed for a major trade summit taking place in Northern Ireland this September.

UK investors interested in European assets often consult experts in wealth management in Shropshire, Hampshire and other affluent counties. Wealth managers can be counted on for an independent and expert opinion on asset suitability for investment portfolios. The upcoming conference is expected to see several UK ministers attending. However, no Northern Ireland ministers will be in post as there is no functioning executive presently at Stormont, the NI seat of government.

Doug Beattie, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, has requested that the government delay the summit to allow Stormont time to be restored. However, many businesses have openly stated that they do not wish for a delay.

Northern Ireland has now been lacking a devolved government since back in February 2022, when the country’s Democratic Unionist Party protested with a walkout at the Northern Ireland Protocol.

A 2019 agreement, the protocol kept Northern Ireland included in the EU’s single market for goods while creating a trade border within the Irish Sea. In early 2023, both the EU and UK agreed to a renegotiated deal referred to as the “Windsor Framework”.

Now, some of major operational aspects of the framework are set to be enforced from October. This includes the expansion of the current trusted trader scheme as well as a system of red and green lanes to manage the flow of goods in ports in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Trade Summit is scheduled for September 12 and 13.

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