Investment fraud highlighted in anti-scam campaign

Fraud laptop

A recent campaign launched to coincide with Halloween has involved renowned British actor Simon Callow telling scam horror stories based on real-life incidents.

Known for his Shakespearean theatre and memorable roles in movies like Notting Hill and Room with a View, Callow is acting as narrator for the campaign entitled ‘The Scammer House of Horrors’, designed to raise awareness of UK consumers to fraudulent attempts to part them with their money.

The stories are based on legitimate case studies and in-depth research. Statistics uncovered showed that around 72 per cent of Britons are currently being targeted by scam artists. One of the three cautionary tales is called “Twisted Fate” and act as a warning to UK consumers of how bogus cryptocurrency investment opportunities can wreak havoc on their finances. The tale shows how the fake offering are designed to swindle savers into handing over their wealth when hoodwinked by false promises.

Callow himself has explained that someone he knew personally lost all their life savings and that if it hadn’t been for receiving sound advice, he himself would have become a victim of a scam due to how evolved the latest schemes are. He commented:

“I find it increasingly difficult to stay savvy to the dangers.”

Many Britons with concerns about the authenticity of investment offering often consult an independent financial advisor in Chester, London or other major cities. Research for the campaign revealed that around 21 per cent of scams used an investment or cryptocurrency theme.

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