Getting to grips with portfolio management

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Portfolio management is a service offered by a qualified financial expert such as a wealth manager. They represent an investment collection of fixed-income, cash, stocks, cash and structured products, along with other types of securities. These assets form a tailored portfolio designed to achieve specific investment goals and are overseen and actively managed on the client’s behalf.

Portfolio diversity

Portfolio managers select a diverse range of assets to balance risk and return. By keeping assets varied in a portfolio, the potential risk of loss can be lowered. In simple terms, if some stocks fall in value, others in the portfolio may remain stable or rise, protecting the investor.

Monitoring and adjusting portfolios

Economic markets fluctuate but so do the personal circumstances and needs of an investor. Active managers can ensure that portfolios are constantly assessed and, when necessary, changed to meet different requirements or market changes.

Is portfolio management right for you?

Bespoke investment portfolios can be constructed to suit a wide range of needs and reflect different risk levels. As a result, they are an appropriate option for a diverse selection of investors. However, they may not be the ideal option for all. Investors seeking zero-risk or cash-based investments will typically find portfolio management services are not suitable.

Are you seeking experts in portfolio management in Chester and Shropshire?

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of portfolio management, at Hartey Wealth Management, we can help. With over 25 years in the financial sector, we offer unbiased and expert advice with no hidden fees. Get in touch today to preserve and grow your wealth.

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