Can your financial plans cover your needs?


Making provisions for the future makes good sense.

Not only can it ensure you have adequate income for retirement and to care for your dependents, but it can also take a weight off your mind, allowing you to enjoy your time without money worries.

Putting plans in place early is prudent, but only under the condition that you keep them current. Consider how long ago you created your financial plan and ask yourself if any changes have occurred to your personal circumstances.

Are you in step with the economy?

From the rise in energy prices to the increasing cost of living, how far your money stretches today might differ greatly from when you made your plans. While your home might be worth more now than ever before due to increased property value, this might mean your beneficiaries will have a higher inheritance tax bill to pay.

How does your investment portfolio stack up against today’s market? Can it still achieve the same objective?

Have you accounted for personal circumstances?

Since your original plan, your personal income may have altered.

If you’re earning more now, you may wish to invest more or increase your pension contributions. If its less, on the other hand, you may want to pursue ways to change tack with your investments to grow another revenue stream. Health issues are another important factor. Do you have enough funds to finance your care, or have a protective policy in place?

At Hartey Wealth Management, we offer independent financial advice in Shropshire and Chester, and provide a patented second opinion service. If you’re seeking peace of mind and a feeling of preparedness, contact us today and ensure your plan covers your needs.

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