Are your investments still up to scratch?

Portfolio investment is a long-term strategy that encompasses plans involving at least a 10-year period, and in many cases, much longer. It’s understood that given such an extended time period, a lot can change. An investor’s personal circumstances may progress and their personal financial ambitions for the future may also develop.

The investments made and assets selected can also alter, however, and they may no longer be meeting the original expectation they were designed for. For this reason, it is always wise to routinely examine your portfolio and ensure it is still answering its original intentions to avoid any disappointment.

That’s why, at Hartey Wealth Management, we have developed our “Second Opinion Service”.

What is the Second Opinion Service and what does it involve?

An original concept, the service delivers expert advisory aid, helping clients enhance the management of all aspects of their financial affairs. It offers a clear view of how portfolios are performing, but also ensures areas like retirement plans, inheritance tax plans and protective policies also meet your needs.

Do you need independent financial advice in Shropshire or Chester?

UK investors looking for a second pair of eyes on their current portfolio will find our team at Hartey Wealth Management an ideal option. Staffed by experts in finance and investment, we can perform a comprehensive audit of your assets, ensuring they are still performing satisfactorily.

Get in touch today to benefit from our unique second-opinion service and ensure your portfolio is performing properly.


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