Activist investors tackle blue-chip businesses in Britain

While CEOs at blue-chip firms were given some leeway during the pandemic, reports indicate that activist investors have returned to an aggressive stance in UK boardrooms.

Data collected by new York’s Bloomberg show that agitators are now firmly ensconced in companies, with a London listing possessing market values of around $500bn (£407bn).

UK businesses are now starting to emerge from the coronavirus crisis but are facing a wide range of new obstacles. However, expert advisors and bankers believe that despite this, activist investors, who specialise in driving change at companies they feel are underperforming, will not be likely to offer respite in the months to come. Experts state that general post-pandemic performance for UK companies is showing a sluggish recovery.

Since returning from the pandemic many British firms are now reassessing their businesses and how they have been impacted by changes in buyer habits, a global shift towards cleaner energy and disruptive technologies. Both the industrial and consumer goods sectors are notably among the enterprises most heavily exposed to these pressures, and as a result have found themselves becoming the focus of activist investors looking for methods of extracting significant value from blue-chip businesses.

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